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Accounting Information: Student Financial Account

All ePayment transactions are posted to general UBC bank accounts. Funds are then distributed to the relevant department automatically using Accounting Journals to Workday. The appropriate accounting journals are automatically generated by ePayment using the accounting information provided when you request set up the ePayment merchant code/account.

Although Workday uses workday tags, ePayment is still operating using GL codes from the legacy FMS system. There is a translation layer that maps the GL codes to the appropriate workday tag. For more information regarding workday tags, contact the person with a Cost Centre accountant(CCA) role in your faculty/department. For more information, visit UBC Finance: https://finance.ubc.ca/changes-finance-processes

You can associate multiple financial accounts with your ePayment account by either overriding the default GL code stored within ePayment, or splitting the transaction into different GL codes.

GL Code / legacy FMS accounting Information

You will need to provide the following GL codes in legacy FMS account format:

  Mandatory? Format
fund code Yes alphanumeric
dept code Yes numeric
program No alphanumeric, must be 5 digits long
project id Yes alphanumeric
account number Yes numeric

Example: Department ABC has

  • fund code = F0000
  • dept code = 123010
  • program = CINEP
  • project id = 12F30103
  • account number = 465730

Format expected is <fund code><dept code><program code><space><project ID><account number>. Example "F0000123010CINEP 12F30103465730"

Account overriding and splitting

With ePayment Student Financial Account, you will need to provide a default FMS account for transactions to be posted to. However once your system has received a request to apply a payment or refund for an item, you can specify a different FMS account to be credited/debited; doing so will override the default account. ePayment Student Financial Account will also allow you to split the funds into multiple FMS accounts, for example the tax portion to go to one account and the remaining to another. Please ask your Developer to review the Student Financial Account Account Code technical information.

Account updates

If you need to update the accounting information and your system is overriding the default account and/or also splitting the funds, then you will need to contact your Developer to update the FMS account stored on your system. You will also need to send your request to the ePayment Support team to update the default FMS account.

Note: the GL code provide must have a matching workday tag. if you are not sure, please contact the person with a Cost Centre accountant(CCA) role in your faculty/department.

If the translation layer cannot validate the GL code, then we will contact you to provide a correction as the transaction will NOT be uploaded to Workday until the issue is resolved. You may be asked to work with ISC (Integrated Service Centre). Please review https://finance.ubc.ca/changes-finance-processes for more information.

Payment Types

ePayment Student Financial Account allows for the processing of credit card (VISA or MasterCard), Interac Online and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) transactions. You can choose to restrict the payment type to only certain ones. This can be done on an item level. Please ask your Developer to review the Payment Type information in the Developers section.

Please note:

  • Credit card payments will be processed in real time.
  • Interac Online® payments will be processed in real time.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer will not be processed in real time. Some transactions be immediately rejected by the bank (eg invalid transit code). Funds will usually take 2-5 business days to clear, but it can take as long as 90 days to complete. If it is not immediately rejected, ePayment will assume a successful transaction; a refund request will be sent back if the transaction is returned (due to insufficient funds, etc.)

Payment Type Pricing

Please view the price schedule here.

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