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Web Service Developer Information

In order to integrate with ePayment Web Service, you will need an appropriate technical resource to proceed. It is expected that this developer will be able to modify or configure your website/shopping cart (Merchant Web Service). If you do not have a Merchant Web Service then you will need to set that up first. Please see the Requirements for more information.

What kind of technical expertise does my developer need to have?

Your developer will need to be able to:

  • modify/configure your website/shopping cart for the integration; this will likely be at code level.
  • send and receive HTTPS POST requests as ePayment Web Service uses the POSTs to communicate.
  • extract and recieve XML responses to POSTs.

What does my website/shopping cart need to be developed/running on?

ePayment Web Service does not require the Merchant Web Service to be developed/running on a specific platform or language. It will, however, need to be able to send and recieve HTTPS POSTs to ePayment Web Service, as well as extract out the XML from thoses POSTs. We have had merchant successfully integrate using the following:

  • PHP: the majority of our merchants use PHP. We have a PHP integration code sample available in our Developers section.  
  • ASP.NET: used by a few merchants.
  • Drupal: UBC IT Web Services team has developed a Drupal module for event registration; new merchants may wish to take advantage of this for ease of set up. Please contact us for more information.  
  • ColdFusion: used by a few merchants.

Please ask your developer to review the material available in the Developer section.


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