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Student Financial Account Requirements

There are various requirements that you and your system must meet in order to integrate with ePayment Student Financial Account.

Please note: Merchants may be asked to undergo PIA. For more information, please review: https://epayment.it.ubc.ca/news/pia-assessment-requirement


  • Your existing system must be UBC student centric.
  • Students are allowed to run up an account balances within your existing system, ie the transactions can be future dated.


  • Your system must be able to generate unique IDs for each item.
  • Your system must allow ePayment to send messages to, i.e. firewalls must be open to the ePayment servers.


  • You must have your own system to recieve and respond to ePayment messages.
  • Your system must be able to receive, process and reply to XML messages.
  • URL(s) to your system must be provided in order for ePayment to send the XML messages to.
  • You must provide a default contact email for display to the customer in case of queries regarding a payment.
  • You must have a UBC FMS account in order for ePayment to generate JV entries. Please see Accounting Information.


  • You or your Developer provide the IP address(es) of your system for vulnerability scans. If the IP address(s) change, ePayment Support must be informed.
  • You must provide the intended use of your system that relates to ePayment. If it changes, you will need to inform ePayment Support.


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