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In order to use ePayment Virtual Terminal, you will need the continuing support of your IT administrator. First your IT administrator will need to deploy approved software controls (Sophos End Point Protection Suite) onto your selected workstations, thereby designating them as Virtual Terminal machines. Then, your IT administrator will need to ensure that all alerts and threats on the machine are investigated and resolved in a timely manner and that Sophos is enabled at all times. Selected workstations must meet certain criteria in order to be used for Virtual Terminal. Please review the Virtual Terminal requirements.

What kind of technical expertise does my IT administrator need?

Your IT administrator must have an understanding of how to investigate and resolve security issues in general. For example, they must know how deal with software viruses, mal-ware, and so on. The Sophos control will raise alerts if security threats are detected on the Virtual Terminal machines so your IT administrator must know how to determine if a security breach has occurred. Your IT administrator, however, does not need to know how to use Sophos as the VT technical documentation will cover the basics on using Sophos. If necessary, we can also be contacted for guidance.

What does my IT administrator need to do?

Your IT administrator will need to deploy/install the Sophos controls onto your selected workstations, thereby designating them as Virtual Terminal machines. Your IT administrator will also need to configure these controls to ensure that your business required software and applications can still run without issues. There are, however, limitations as to how much your IT administrator can modify the controls. In addition, your IT administrator must support all your Virtual Terminal machines to ensure that all threats and alerts are promptly dealt with. They will also need to ensure that the Sophos controls are enabled at all times.

All Sophos changes and issues must always be documented by your IT administrator and made available to the ePayment Support team. In addition ePayment Support must be notified of the IP addresses of all Virtual Terminal machines, as external and internal vulnerability scans will need to be set up. Please ask your IT adminstrator to review the VT technical documentation for more information. 

Please keep in mind that these requirements may change as PCI DSS compliancy is always in flux. This means that from time to time, ePayment Support may contact you and/or your IT administrator to deploy new software controls, or follow new processes. Please refer to PCI DSS to understand the key responsiblities required of everyone.

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