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Accounting Information and Payment Types: Virtual Terminal

All ePayment transactions are posted to general UBC bank accounts. Funds are then distributed to the relevant department automatically using Journal Vouchers (JVs) through the UBC Financial Management System (FMS). The appropriate JVs are automatically generated by ePayment using the accounting information provided by you during account set up. Each ePayment VT can only be associated with one FMS account.

Account Information

You will need to provide the following FMS account information:

  Mandatory? Format
fund code Yes alphanumeric
dept code Yes numeric
program No alphanumeric, must be 5 digits long
project id Yes alphanumeric
account number Yes numeric

Example: Department ABC has

  • fund code = F0000
  • dept code = 123010
  • program = CINEP
  • project id = 12F30103
  • account number = 465730

Account Updates

If you need to update the accounting information, please send your request to the ePayment Support team.

Payment Types

ePayment Virtual Terminal allows for the processing of credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Please note:

  • Credit card payments will be processed in real time.

Payment Type Pricing

Please view the price schedule here.

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